3-Layer Washable Mask (3 Pack)

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3-Layer Washable Mask (3 Pack)
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  • 3-layer fabric mask with elastic ear loop: Outer layer: 100% polyester; Lining: Non-woven; Inner layer: 100% cotton.


  • Non-medical grade
  • 3-layers meet current WHO recommendations
  • Launderable up to 75 washes
  • 6 3/8”W X 5 1/2”L; 3 3/8” elastic loop; 3” space between top of elastic and bottom
  • Machine wash, dry
  • Imported

These masks are not for medical use. Does not protect against small respiratory particles that can cause illness and only provides extra face coverage that may help prevent the spread of larger particles. Our Mask meets current CDC and WHO recommendations for types of fabric, number of layers and the composition of a non-medical, fabric mask.


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Reusable and launderable. Helps avoid costly disposable mask programs. Can be implemented as an extension of your employees' uniforms. Does not compete with medical grade masks dedicated to healthcare professionals. Helps prevent touching nose and mouth when worn properly. Three masks per person is recommended — one for wearing, one ready to use and one in the laundry. Comes in custom Aramark polybag.